Vanity Fair spotlights TRON LEGACY’s Olivia Wilde in wild photo shoot

Check out TRON:LEGACY's Olivia Wilde in Vanity Fair's slideshow profile of the actressFans and filmgoers eagerly awaiting TRON:LEGACY opening December 17th should make a digital beeline for Vanity Fair’s online portal to view a slideshow profile of actress Olivia Wilde, who stars with Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund in Disney’s highly anticipated sci-fi sequel.

When not in her skin-tight glowing Tron-world costume as Quorra, a freedom-fighter confidant of Bridges’ Kevin Flynn in the film, Wilde looks just as alluring in VF’s poolside photo shoot.

Jump the link and read their article on Olivia’s very hot prospects looking forward, including starring opposite Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Jon Favreau’s sci-fi adaptation of COWBOYS & ALIENS, coming in July 2011.


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