TRON:LEGACY soundtrack news: fakes abound, tracks revealed?

Lots of news stirred up today about the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack by Daft Punk, though one of these stories punked many fans and blogs who reported about it.  To summarize:

Earlier a supposed track ‘Outlands’ by Daft Punk was leaked online, but within hours is was exposed as a fake, which a friendly source says was confirmed by a Disney representative. The track title itself seems to be legitimate, but the sound sample leaked today was not.

Then the site Consequence of Sound posted a news flash with the complete track list of the TRON:LEGACY original score CD coming December 7th, citing their source as Barnes & Noble‘s website listing the CD Digi-pak product for pre-order.  Yet this B&N page shows no track listing. We never saw if it did show it earlier today, and perhaps Disney asked B&N to remove the list. For now, no confirmation on the supposed 23-track listing exists, so take this list with a grain of salt for now:

01. Overture 2:28
02. The Grid 1:37
03. The Son of Flynn 1:35
04. Recognizer 2:38
05. Armory 2:03
06. Arena 1:33
07. Rinzler 2:18
08. The Game Has Changed 3:25
09. Outlands 2:42
10. Adagio For Tron 4:11
11. Nocturne 1:42
12. End of Line 2:36
13. Derezzed 1:44
14. Fall 1:23
15. Solar Sailer 2:42
16. Rectifier 2:14
17. Disc Wars 4:11
18. C.L.U. 4:39
19. Arrival 2:00
20. Flynn Lives 3:22
21. Tron Legacy (End Titles) 3:18
22. Finale 4:23
23. Tron: Legacy Enhancement Multimedia Track

Better news: Some Kind of Awesome published what is a genuine Daft Punk score track ‘Tron Legacy (End Titles) 3:18″, as heard on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show earlier today and publicized by the various Tron pages on Facebook before it aired.  To our best knowledge, this music IS legit.

So far, neither the track listing nor the End Titles track itself have been announced or confirmed on the official TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack website, but FilmEdge is watching for confirmation or updates.

Have a listen via the link above and carry on, programs!

TRON:LEGACY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Daft Punk streets on December 7, 2010


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