New TRON:LEGACY Triptych Poster Part 2: Sam and Quorra

As promised, part two of the TRON:LEGACY poster triptych was revealed today, as Sam and Quorra (Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde) in their payoff one-sheet poster pose join yesterday’s image of Clu 2.0 (Jeff Bridges) looking out over the grid.  The poster image below is courtesy of Empire who provided slightly larger versions of each poster, and we’ve updated yesterday’s blog of the Clu poster to the same size.

Who will appear in the third and final part of the triptych tomorrow?  Rinzler?  Castor?  FilmEdge’s money is all-in that it will be Kevin Flynn himself as the symbolic standoff between the “two fathers” sets the tone for the action and drama in TRON:LEGACY this December.  Check back here at the blog tomorrow as we unveil the final piece.

Sam and Quorra mirror the classic poster pose for the TRON:LEGACY triptych part two


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