Horror recommendations update: skimpy SLUMBER PARTY and classic HALLOWEEN

FilmEdge has updated our Halloween Film Fest 2010 viewing list with two new additions: the Roger Corman Cult Classics three-movie THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE Collection is designed for devotees of this rather silly sexploitation franchise; followed by a perennial FilmEdge favorite, John Carpenter’s taut, genre-defining thriller HALLOWEEN now available on High Definition Blu-ray.

Of course Carpenter’s original proto-slasher horror hit from 1978 inspired the 1982 Corman-produced SLUMBER PARTY satire of the genre, marketed as the first “feminist” slasher movie though this is a highly dubious claim given the titillating title and results.  In contrast, HALLOWEEN’s suburban mythology of killer Michael Myers terrorizing a small town still has audiences squirming under layers of dramatic tension and subconscious fears.

But the Halloween season and horror genre in general is traditionally a time for cheap thrills and dreadful nightmares howling under the autumn moon. Sometimes fans want a sumptuous, terrifying feast, and other times they crave a decadent snack to satisfy their cinematic sweet tooth. FilmEdge reviews the whole horrifying menu for you in our Halloween Film Fest, now served online at our website.  Bon appetit!

FilmEdge reviews THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE Collection and HALLOWEEN Blu-ray in our horror film fest


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