ElecTRONica opening night video highlights rock TRON:LEGACY party

Recapping some video highlights of last night’s ElecTRONica debut at Disney’s California Adventure park, as the Hollywood Pictures Backlot was transformed into the glowing virtual world of TRON: LEGACY for a program-rocking party featuring film score tracks by Daft Punk.

First up is the main section of the pre-show starting the ElecTRONica dance festivities, by GeekFilterNet. The show revisits the 1982 world of Flynn’s Arcade at its Journey-blasting heyday, then rezzes up the electronic world of Tron as the next generation of programs train for gladatorial battle on the game grid, and recharge their bodies at night with dance and entertainment at ElecTRONica:

Inside ElecTRONica’s portal stands Laserman who controls the lights and sounds pulsing through Tron City in a spectacular display of synchronicity, as recorded by rsachs:

And here are a few new photos via Disney Parks Blog of the HPB entrance to ElecTRONica at Disney’s California Adventure, plus Laserman at work and one of the program dancers inside the party:

The entrance to ElecTRONica at Disney's California Adventure. Photo c. Disney Parks Blog.

Laserman works his magic with light and sound at DCA's ElecTRONica. Photo c. Disney Parks Blog

A Tron City dancer rocks above the party at ElecTRONica at DCA.  Photo c. Disney Parks Blog

Follow FilmEdge’s continuing coverage of TRON: LEGACY, opening in theaters December 17th.


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