Recommended Halloween viewing: HOW MY DAD KILLED DRACULA

FilmEdge reviews the downloadable short film HOW MY DAD KILLED DRACULAAdding another title to our Halloween Film Fest 2010 viewing list, FilmEdge recommends Sky Soleil’s entertaining and family-friendly short film HOW MY DAD KILLED DRACULA.

This simple but skillfully crafted short embodies the spirit of a good, spooky ghost story told on a moonlit Halloween night but with a modern sensibility which adds realism and fun to the tale.

Yet a seasonal blend of horror and humor arise as a Halloween prank rises up to take a bite out of the pranksters for a monstrously good surprise. A solid cast led by popular actor Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Artz on LOST) contributes to the film’s fun blend of humor and horror, while moody cinematography and a well-paced script build tense anticipation as the moment arrives when Dracula may finally exact his revenge.

Check our review on to read more, watch the trailer and get digital download information for this fun Halloween treat.

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