TRON LEGACY soundtrack countdown to new tracks, poster downloads

A late night update from the TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack site reveals more info on its release date and a couple countdowns to reveal digital download treats.

The TRON:LEGACY soundtrack rezzes up for CD and download purchase on November 22nd, and both are offered as pre-orders on the website. But a pre-order of the CD Digipack also includes an exclusive Daft Punk film poster and a high-quality digital download copy of the soundtrack.

Pre-order the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack by Daft Punk, available on November 22

Both pre-order options also include current countdowns to the download of a “New Track” to be revealed soon, and an image of the Daft Punk film poster is also decoding with a countdown to end on October 10th.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to register your email with the TRON: LEGACY soundtrack site to get their feed on new updates. FilmEdge will keep you posted on soundtrack news.


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