Review: THE CLONE WARS episode 3.03 ‘Supply Lines’

Continuing FilmEdge’s weekly coverage of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, Supply Lines is certainly the most functional episode of this new season, underscoring the political and strategic continuing to play with the STAR WARS timeline by setting this story before the first (aired) episode of THE CLONE WARS series. Since the finale dovetails perfectly into the future events of Ambush, it’s easy to track the plot and action from this prequel to the its follow-up episode. Though last week’s preview induced a bit of trepidation at “another Jar Jar episode” and the clip emphasized his goofiness, this story counted on the preconception — both of the Nemoidians’ and the series’ audience — of Jar Jar as a bumbling fool to undermine that expectation and actually give Binks and Organa a shared victory over the Separatist blockade.

'Supply Lines' are vital in this week's episode of THE CLONE WARS

Technically, THE CLONE WARS’ animation continues to grow more complex and cinematic in both scope and detail, with the Ryloth battle action rivaling many army-clashing shots seen in ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Direction of the episode also embraces a more bold design of shots and scenes, exemplified by a shot which rises up from the desperate Twi’leks on the surface to frame the trio of Alderaanean supply ships sweeping by overhead to the drop point, all captured in one twisting, tilting and panning camera move.  The evolution of the series’ animation, quite evident in all three episodes so far this season, further erases the fine line between THE CLONE WARS and the feature film episodes surrounding it.

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