Corman delivers campy galactic conflict with STARCRASH on Blu-ray and DVD

Caroline Munro is the main attraction of Luigi Cozzi's STARCRASH now on Blu-ray and DVDAs one of the oddest and most iconoclastic entries in Roger Corman’s New World release catalogue, STARCRASH is a film which must be seen to be believed, though perhaps not entirely understood. This Italian production directed and co-written by Luigi Cozzi (credited on the disc under the Americanized moniker Lewis Coates) plays largely like a European-styled rip-off of STAR WARS, but give it a look and you’ll find it’s more than that. It’s also highly ‘inspired’ by a wide swath of classic sci-fi/fantasy adventures ranging from 1930s FLASH GORDON matinee serials to the allegorical classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. Of course such influences are filtered through the very reductive filter of a miniscule budget which still refuses to hamper the brash, outrageous imaginations forging this mashup of comic book adventure and oh-so-Italian cinematic styling.

One look at the posters and stills from the film make it clear that the sultry, leather bikini-clad Caroline Munro is the main attraction here, yet STARCRASH boasts more cult film surprises. The always unpredictable and edgy Marjoe Gortner plays a telepathic navigator Akton who harbors hidden mystic powers, and the Hoff himself, David Hasselhoff, is the lost son of the galactic Emperor whom the seek across the stars. Try as you might, you can’t look away from this space oddity!

Corman and Shout Factory have now restored STARCRASH to all its former glory and far beyond that to thrill the narrow but wildly devoted audience awaiting its remastered arrival on home video. A cargo cruiser full of new and exclusive bonus features pack the 2-disc set with ambitious extras rarely seen for a low-budget film of this era. Read our in-depth review now at


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