Target sells IRON MAN 2 in Armored Collector’s Case

Continuing FilmEdge’s preview coverage of IRON MAN 2 as it lands on home video September 28th, have a look at retailer Target’s exclusive Limited Collector’s Metal Case edition, packing the Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy discs in a numbered package. Limited to 30,000 items, this armored collectible case contains several other exclusive features including:

  • Limited edition number stamped onto the IRON MAN 2 metal casing, designating your edition out of the 30,000 production run
  • Front cover image features a lenticular 3D design of the Mark-IV suit worn by Tony Stark in the film
  • Case unfolds to reveal interior spread image of Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor illustration all four Iron Man suit designs from the films
  • Back cover image shows Iron Man Mark-IV and War Machine armored suits over wrap-around schematic designs

See fill-size image and link to pre-order IRON MAN 2 Limited Edition at

View full-size images and link to pre-order Target’s IRON MAN 2 Limited Edition Metal Case Combo Pack now at

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