Preview ElecTRONica as Disney’s TRON:LEGACY rezzes up in Anaheim this Fall

Beginning October 8th, the virtual world of TRON: LEGACY will rez up at Disney’s California Adventure theme park as ElecTRONica, and here’s your preview of concept art of this digital makeover. The Hollywood Picture Backlot area of the Anaheim park will transform at night into a glowing virtual representation of Tron City, the neon-hued metropolis seen in the upcoming film. Skylights will beam into the night sky while a giant Recognizer hovers over the plaza dance floor, and glowing Light Cycles will stream colorful trails across the facades of attractions, shops and eateries.

This fall, ElecTRONica takes over Disney's California Adventure

The sights and sounds of TRON: LEGACY transform HPB in an unprecedented experience of dance music and interactive entertainment, including a meticulous recreation of Flynn’s Arcade from the fim to get your gaming on. Live music entertainers will set the beat with glowing apparel accessories as laser displays provide TRON-style flash to the festivities. The youngest programs can enjoy face painting fun while serious gamers will flock to the interactive TRON: Evolution Video Game sector to preview this upcoming console adventure.

TRON: LEGACY Light Cycles, Recognizers, lights and music will transform Disney's California Adventure this Fall

ElecTRONica will rez up each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night this Fall, with week-long TRON-ification to enjoy during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, but you’ll only get to step into the world of TRON: LEGACY at Disney’s California Adventure before the feature film opens in theaters December 17th! Concept art courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog.


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