THE CLONE WARS Cast says Season 3 will be mini STAR WARS movies

The hit animated television series evolves into weekly, feature film-quality mini-movies in Season Three of
STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS airing Friday, September 17th at 9:00pm on Cartoon Network.

FilmEdge previews the exciting new season with this new video featuring clips from upcoming episodes plus interviews with cast members of THE CLONE WARS including character voice talents Matt Lanter (Anakin), James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan) and Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka).

Preview THE CLONE WARS Season 3 with the voice talent cast interviews on

As you can see in this high-res animation still from the upcoming season, THE CLONE WARS will offer sophisticated computer animation and visual effects equal to feature film image quality in every thrilling new episode. As today’s press release explains:

“With enhanced technology and improved production pipelines, Lucasfilm Animation is able to bring THE CLONE WARS to life like never before — promising a mini-movie every week, with theatrical quality animation and high-spirited adventures unlike anything else on television.”

As voice actor Dee Bradley Baker puts it:

“This series is very unique in so many ways. It’s a show that encapsulates the STAR WARS feel and the theme and the stories, which I’ve always loved since I was a kid. But because of the television format, it’s lean, it’s mean, it’s fun, it’s epic but it moves! And it’s got a real sense of pace and energy. I think it really suits this story beautifully.”

Check out the complete cast interview video for more of the actors’ insights into THE CLONE WARS’ lightspeed jump in storytelling excitement when Season Three debuts on September 17th at 9pm on Cartoon Network.


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