SUPER 8 Casting Calls and Production Prep in Weirton, WV

J.J. Abrams' upcoming sci-fi thriller SUPER 8 coming in Summer 2011Whether the fake shooting title of “Darlings” is clever subterfuge or the actual cover for the supposed J.J. Abrams‘-produced remake of LITTLE DARLINGS, one thing is for certain: his sci-fi thriller SUPER 8 is about to start production on location in West Virginia.

Production representatives from Paramount Pictures held a seminar during a school assembly at Weir Middle School this past Thursday, giving Weirton students a quick course in feature filmmaking and offering townspeople a chance to be extras in the movie. Casting calls for extras are scheduled for Tuesday the 31st at a community center and the September 3rd Weir High School football game.

The lead personnel included: location manager Demian Resnick (CLOVERFIELD, THE APPRENTICE) who is working with the town to ensure production works smoothly for both the film and the city, art director Domenic Silvestri (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, LOST) who’s job is to make the film look like Abrams’ vision for the story, and production supervisor Montez Monroe (UNDERDOG, ANYWHERE BUT HERE) who coordinates all departments during filming.

After a question and answer session with student, Sonya “Sonny” Tormoen announced she was casting for 1,000 to 2,000 people in Weirton as SUPER 8 extras in non-speaking roles, and handed out casting forms for students to take home to parents or guardians.

This sounds like Abrams and crew will be using Weirton residents mostly as background extras in large crowd scenes, either in typical exterior shots of the working class, industrial town, or perhaps as frightened mobs in some monstrous action sequence if the script calls for it. With shooting scheduled to start sometime in the next few weeks, FilmEdge will monitor news for more filming updates from Weirton. Read the full article from the Weirton Daily Times and thanks to the ARG players at unFiction forum for the tip.

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