Preview historic LOST props auction and download free catalogue

FilmEdge previews the official LOST auction August 21-22LOST fans: warm up your wallets, celebrate an iconic primetime series and perhaps own a piece of television history at Profiles in History’s LOST Official Show Auction being held August 21-22.

The entire 300-page LOST auction item catalogue is now online and available for download in Adobe pdf format for all six seasons of the history-making TV series. Preview over 1000 items available to buy including DHARMA-branded food and supplies, Desmond’s photo of himself and Penny, Daniel Rousseau’s music box, Hurley’s winning lotto ticket and hundreds more.

The much anticipated auction will take place live from Barker Hangar in the Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, 2010. Worldwide bidding begins at 1pm PDT both days. Bids can be placed in person, via mail, phone, fax or live on the Internet by visiting or

“Profiles in History is thrilled to be holding the LOST Auction. LOST is one of the most iconic TV shows ever created, and we are working in conjunction with ABC to offer fans from around the world an opportunity to own a memento of this amazing show. This is a once in a lifetime auction event that will celebrate one of the most beloved shows in television history,” said Joe Maddalena, President of Profiles in History.

Given the immense popularity of the show, there will be a tremendous amount of interest in getting a piece of this iconic TV series. And with over 1000 lots, there will be the proverbial “something for everyone”-many of the items are quite affordable.

Sawyer's letter to the man who murdered his parents is part of the LOST auctionA DHARMA Swan computer is part of the LOST props auction this weekend

Here are just a few of the historic LOST items expected to attract fans’ interest at the auction:

Hurley’s Camaro – DHARMA Van – DHARMA Jeep – Large section of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage – Charlie’s “DS” ring – Rousseau’s distressed music box – Dogen’s hour glass from the Temple – Jack’s Halliburton case – Sawyer’s improvised reading glasses from Season One – Polar bear collar with DHARMA Hydra station insignia – Locke’s hero wheelchair – Pearl station printer with “System Failure” printout – Swan station turntable – Man in Black’s ancient dagger – Two crates with six Virgin Mary statues – Ben’s orders to commute Juliet’s execution – Dial mechanism and mirror array from the Lighthouse – Row of Oceanic Airlines plane seats – Desmond’s fail-safe key with “Joe Inman” dog tag – Jin’s wedding ring – Swan station Hatch door – Eko’s signature staff with Bible scripture carvings – Swan station computer-an Apple-II Plus system running an Apple-III monitor, with a Disk II floppy drive, each featuring DHARMA logo – Daniel Faraday’s journal with extensive handwritten notes from his time travel experiments – Galaga submarine conning tower and deck-a large section of the Galaga DHARMA submarine incorporating the conning tower and deck portion seen throughout Season Five when the submarine is docked. Measures approx. 25 ft. long x 120 in. tall – Man in Black’s scale and other belongings from his cliffside cave – Locke’s Master Bowie knife with studio blood stains – Nuclear bomb core detonated in Season Five finale – Jacob’s primary tapestry that he wove in his chamber inside the pedestal of the statue of Taweret during his many years on the Island. Measures 75 in. x 102 in – Kate’s toy airplane from Season One – Hurley’s winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket – Charlie’s acoustic guitar – Huge assortment of DHARMA-branded foods – Sawyer’s letter to the man who murdered his parents

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