Indie-cult DVD review Tuesday: Roger Corman thrills, Larry Blamire laughs

It’s all about independent films and cult classic on this Tuesday, as FilmEdge reviews a retro-rocking batch of DVDs from Shout! Factory including B-movie parodist Larry Blamire’s two new releases, plus some monster exploitation goods from the Roger Corman studios of the late 1970s-80s.

FilmEdge reviews DARK AND STORMY NIGHTFirst up is Larry Blamire’s DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, an affectionate and witty send-up of classic Old Dark House horror thrillers from the 1930s mixed with the fast-talking comedies of the ’40s. The reading of a millionaire’s will draws a motley crowd of inheritors, strangers lost in the storm and two newspaper reporters looking for a scandalous scoop. Instead, they all find murder, mayhem and a mysterious phantom wreaking terror in this spooky mansion! Blamire demonstrates a sharp eye and ear for such classic Hollywood thrillers and laughers, and a strong cast led by Daniel Roebuck, Jennifer Blaire and Dan Conroy superbly embody the rapid-fire patter of ’40s efforts by Howard Hawks or Preston Sturges.

Blamire and troupe also reunite for their silly send-up sequel THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN, which follows up on their previous cult hit THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA. A daffy, dizzying salute and skewering of delightfully bad B-movie monster flicks last made by Ed Wood and AIP, this black-and-white series of in-jokes about wooden acting and rubber creature suits bursts into glorious color when the seekers of a rare element (jerranium 90!) stumble into the dreaded Valley of the Monsters. Wacky cinematic reference laughs ensue.

FilmEdge also recaps four recent Blu-ray/DVD releases of Roger Corman Cult Classics including: Joe Dante’s 1978 ultimate fish-in-water horror tale PIRANHA, mutated fish-men chomp on a fishing village in 1980’s HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, 1981’s psychological mindgame/monsterfest GALAXY OF TERROR, and 1982’s ALIEN-knockoff FORBIDDEN WORLD.

FilmEdge reviews Roger Corman Cult Classics on DVD


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