Celebration V debuts three new Star Tours destinations for 2011

Fans in Orlando today at Star Wars Celebration V were the first to view this new Star Tours attraction ‘commercial’ advertising three new destination planets for Disney and Lucasfilm’s joint theme park adventure coming in 2011. Preparing to land next year at Disney’s California and Orlando parks, guests at the revised Star Tours attraction will preview exciting new travel opportunities to the Cloud City of Bespin, the forest moon of Endor, and the natural beauty of Alderaan.

Disney and Lucasfilm prepare three new destinations for Star Tours in 2011

For those attending Celebration V this week in Orlando, there’s still time to board your passage on the Last Tour to Endor, a special event hosted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Saturday, August 14th from 8pm to 1am. Featuring themed party zones, Star Wars entertainment, the Death Star Disco, a fireworks show and much more.  Jump the link to get full event details and get tickets.

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