SUPER 8 viral game launches RocketPoppeteers site enrollment

For those following the nascent Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for director J.J. Abrams’ 2011 sci-fi thriller SUPER 8, the game just lifted off at  which is now registering logins for early responders and accepting new applicants for Captain “Coop” Cooper’s Rocket Poppeteer space fleet!

Rocket Poppeteers website now open for SUPER 8 viral game registration

So what does this retro-styled website about frozen popsicles and a catch theme song have to do with ‘the scariest thing I ever saw’ in SUPER 8, you ask?

Early in the SUPER 8 ARG, the website displayed two files for printout: supposedly scans of a 1963-vintage newspaper about President Kennedy’s speech on the Nuclear Ban Treaty.  But the second page also advertised the (fictional) ice pop product Rocket Poppeteers, with “Coop” as its spokesperson icon. A mail-in coupon urged “kids” to join the ranks of Rocket Poppeteers for new and exciting space adventures, presumably while enjoying the frozen pop treats being advertised.

Register to join Coop's space fleet and play the SUPER 8 ARG

ARG-curious players like FilmEdge filled out and mailed in their coupons, and not long ago finally received a reply in the form of a candidate acceptance letter. This letter acknowledged registration of one’s ‘astronaut name’ which we assumed would eventually be used for online game registration as a user name (given that other applicants’ received ‘try again’ letters since their chosen name was already taken).

Early registration with Rocket Poppeteers speeds up ARG registration

Tonight that online registration activated along with the new version of the RocketPoppeteers website.  A quick registration process confirming email and postal code for identification completed game registration and FilmEdge was in, ready for outer space action!  Our processed application added that “Coop” had noted early entrants into the RP program — we’ll see if our early join pays off in an particular way.

Rocket Poppeteer astronauts are ready to launch into the SUPER 8 viral game

But don’t let that stop you from becoming a new Rocket Poppeteer applicant!  New recruits are now being accepted so enter and join Coop’s space fleet today — there’s still plenty of time to get on board the SUPER 8 ARG and unlock the viral marketing campaign for the film until it arrives in theaters next summer.


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