FilmEdge reviews Disney’s THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE

FilmEdge reviews Disney's THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICEAn ancient sorcerer from the days of Merlin, sworn to protect the world against evil, finally discovers a worthy apprentice in modern day New York — and the lad is a lovesick physics nerd. It’s a far cry from Walt Disney’s animated interlude seen in FANTASIA, but with producer Jerry Bruckheimer casting his hyperkinetic spell, this is no Mickey Mouse fable.

Starring Nicolas Cage as the mentoring magician in his seventh film under Bruckheimer’s banner, expect plenty of explosive plasma bolt duels, transforming creatures and the requisite car chases — all coming well short of true cinematic magic. Jay Baruchel is engaging as Cage’s bumbling wizard understudy, but the two never get to develop a world-saving partnership of rich characters. Instead director Jon Turtletaub makes a weak script master over the entire cast, raising the form of a sorcery tale that is all function. Bruckheimer and Cage needed to break their formulaic mold to conjure up some real wonder here, but these spells are strictly by the number from their past collaborations.

That, for good or bad, is the calling card of Disney’s THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE opening in theaters tomorrow.  Read FilmEdge’s full review.

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