A trio of new TOY STORY 3 videos: an unusual spin on Disney style

Disney/Pixar have delivered three new promotional videos for TOY STORY 3, opening in theaters June 18th.  The first new trailer aims to hook gadget-obsessed adults on the look out for new toys to add to their collections:

This second video flips a 180° in concept, impersonating a suspenseful sci-fi teaser looking to bring a chill to the summer blockbuster season:

The final video reflects the cultural changes since TOY STORY 2 was released eleven years ago, animating an internet chat of one-upsmanship between Buzz and Woody:

While this third clip looks most like the TOY STORY films themselves, the first two videos are a significant departure in marketing approach from Disney/Pixar’s iconic branding of family animation, and a bit surprisingly so at that.

It seems clear the studio yearns to grab the eyes and imaginations of viewers outside of the parental and young children demographics, seeking teens and twentysomethings much like Andy himself is now of college age in TOY STORY 3.  Indeed, many of TOY STORY’s original audience now are raising their own kids in the second generation of fans for the animated franchise.

Stylistically, these marketing approaches are a bit jarring, but credit Disney/Pixar for not resting on the laurels of the TOY STORY brand and simply expecting audiences to show up en masse.  In today’s economy and quick-open box office mentality, it’s no surprise the studio refuses to take even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen‘s Woody and Buzz for granted. The toys are almost back in town again, this time in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D.

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