Peter Mayhew joins Harrison Ford at EMPIRE anniversary screening in LA

Peter Mayhew gives Carrie Fisher a lift in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACKFollowing up on FilmEdge’s previous article on this Wednesday’s charity screening of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, we’re glad to report that actor Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca himself) will be joining Harrison Ford at the Q&A session after the Los Angeles event.  The seven-foot-three-inch English hospital worker-turned-actor reunites with his Millenium Falcon co-pilot for this rare joint appearance celebrating the film’s 30th Anniversary this week.

The LA Times Hero Complex blog reports that several surprises may be in store for attending fans at the ArcLight Hollywood 30th Anniversary screening of George Lucas’ 1980 STAR WARS sequel.  Blogger Geoff Boucher teases rebels and smugglers alike with this tidbit:

Also, I can tell you that this second theater will get some special, um, star attention during the course of the evening …

For you Hero Complex readers who are already attending, be sure to take a good look around the room when you sit down. I know of three very prominent filmmakers who are attending, and, from what I hear, Mayhew won’t be only member of the “Star Wars” cast in the room for Ford’s rare reflection on his space-pirate days.

A few tickets remain available for the second theater screening the film and viewing the Ford/Mayhew Q&A via video simulcast, with proceeds benefitting St. Jude Children’s Hospital as part of Lucasfilm’s year-long The Empire Gives Back charitable program of special events.

FilmEdge will see you there and may the Force be with fans for another thirty years.


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