New TRON LEGACY images detail virtual world evolution of Disney sequel

Players of the newly launched Space Paranoids online arcade-style game quickly discovered there was more to this site than blasting Recognizers off the game grid! Of course its launch signaled a new phase of the intricate, mind-blowing TRON LEGACY viral publicity campaign which is redefining the future ARG (Alternate Reality Game) promotions.

While players navigated their virtual tanks through the game’s virtual block maze, bar code symbols appeared on the walls in each level. As before, new discussions appeared on the forum related to hidden data from the ENCOM file server of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) dating back to his next-generation enhancements of the virtual Tron universe before he vanished in 1989. The helpful user, ISOlatedThinker, linked fellow Flynn-searches to this hidden server accessed at — which fans with a sharp eye will recognize as similar to the remote access workstation Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) finds hidden at his father’s abandoned game arcade, seen in the teaser trailer.

To unlock high-resolution image files and video clips of Kevin Flynn’s next-gen evolution of Tron, players must enter the codes found in the Space Paranoids game on the HelloFlynn ENCOM server station. Below is the latest TRON LEGACY image gallery found on Kevin Flynn’s workstation, demonstrating not only how vehicle designs evolved in function, but how the purpose and potential of the virtual Tron world itself exploded in Kevin Flynn’s mind before he disappeared, leaving his son and our ‘real’ world behind.

TRON LEGACY four-wheel vehicle

TRON LEGACY LightCycle EngineTRON LEGACY LightCycle half-pipe courseTRON LEGACY LightCycle spiral rampTRON LEGACY NextGen Recognizer renderTRON LEGACY NextGen Recognizer wireframeTRON LEGACY NextGen LightCycle renderTRON LEGACY LightCycle flap systemTRON LEGACY NextGen LightCycle controls

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