technical difficulties

Friends and fans of our website is once again experiencing technical difficulties due to an attack on our website host provider.

I am currently signing up with a new service provider to host my site, but during this transition, regrettably I must urge you NOT to visit the website pages linked outward from this blog due to the risk of viral security issues.

Reading these blog posts here is perfectly safe, and I appreciate your support on this platform until the actual website is running securely and completely again.

As noted, this is the second security breach to my host provider (not my local computer) and I am discontinuing their association to FilmEdge as soon as possible.  When is ready for readers again, I’ll gladly let you all know the good news.

Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to publish my pending articles here on the FilmEdge blog via WordPress, including the recent hi-res additions to the TRON LEGACY image gallery and more.

Thanks for your patience and new movie goodness coming soon!


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