Darth Vader is now giving the directions on TomTom GPS navicomputers

GPS driving directions system TomTom just gave you a great excuse to upgrade your starship’s navicomputer: Darth Vader is now giving orders as you cross town or cross the galaxy! The Dark Lord of Sith’s voice won’t turn you to the Dark Side, but it will have you turning corners on the quickest path to your destiny. . . or destination, whichever comes first.

Darth Vader’s voice is now available for purchase and download to your compatible TomTom navigation system. According to the LA Times’ blog Hero Complex, “you will get actual instructions such as ‘Bear left, to the dark side. Then in 200 yards you have reached your destination. The Force is with you, but you are not a Jedi yet.’ You also will get the theme music, the bad-ventilator breathing, light-saber effects and the sound of a TIE fighter zooming by.”

Even more STAR WARS-inspired voices will arrive later this year including Yoda (due in June), C-3PO (in July) and Han Solo (in August) to ensure the Force is with you on your journey. Play back the video transmission below for a fun look at Lord Vader’s recording session for TomTom.

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