Play SPACE PARANOIDS online now! Retro TRON LEGACY arcade action

The countdown has ended — the TRON LEGACY tie-in game Space Paranoids Online has launched and your tank awaits on the game grid to blast Recognizers and enemy tanks!  [GAME UPDATE BELOW]

Play Space Paranoids online now!

You may need to download a browser plugin app to play the game, but the process is quick and painless.  Soon you’ll be loaded in your tank on the grid, scouring the skies for looming Recognizers and blasting away for the freedom of all users.

Game controls combine mouse aim-and-fire technique with keyboard tank navigation — it may take you a moment to learn not to navigate with your targeting viewscreen (in short, steer/drive toward enemy targets then aim and fire with your mouse), but with practice you’ll soon be racking up the points.

Space Paranoids online is great retro-style arcade fun without the need to feed quarters into the machine (not that we have anything against supporting game design genius Kevin Flynn’s creation).  Go play now!

GAME UPDATE: Of course Space Paranoids Online isn’t just a fun browser-based diversion and tribute to Kevin Flynn — keep playing and you’ll receive special badges for your FlynnLives viral profile.  Best of all, you’ll find UPC codes on the maze walls (write ’em down) which allow you to access hidden hi-res artwork on Kevin’s private server!  Get a taste:

Sample images of hi-res hidden artwork in Space Paranoids online game


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