Robert Rodriguez smuggles Grindhouse goodness with ‘Illegal’ MACHETE trailer

Director Robert Rodriguez ground out some political satire on Cinco de Mayo by unleashing his new, very timely trailer for MACHETE, the spin-off ‘Mexploitation’ film inspired by the coming attractions preview specifically created for his PLANET TERROR installment of 2007’s GRINDHOUSE.

Rodriguez even enlisted star Danny Trejo to film a special introduction to the trailer aimed pointedly at Arizona’s controversial new illegal immigration law. While production on MACHETE spanned the summer of 2009 and the film has awaited theatrical release (via Fox distribution) since, recent news headlines dominating the national debate on anti-immigration laws have re-opened the door for the film’s release (now set for September 3rd in the US).

Along with Trejo, the new trailer co-stars Robert de Niro, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Steven Seagal and ‘introduces’ Don Johnson. Watch it in low-res at today’s Ain’t It Cool News article or click the title art below to watch it in all its hi-def 720p grindhouse glory courtesy of AICN.

Watch the MACHETE trailer in 720p HD courtesy of AICN

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