PIRATES 4 Open Casting draws 2K in Hawaii & Jumpin’ Jack Sparrow?

Crowds attend PIRATES 4 open casting call in Hawaii. Photos © by KENT NISHIMURA | The Honolulu Advertiser, all rights reserved.The Honolulu Advertiser reported that over 2,000 pirate-wannabes queued up in Waikiki for Saturday’s open casting call for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES held on Oahu. As reported by FilmEdge on Friday, Sanda Alessi Casting threw their nets wide open to males in search of background actors, stand-ins and photo-doubles for the lead cast members, and all were welcome to apply regardless of experience.

Apply they did by the hundreds, all physical types from scraggly beards to craggy faces, odd physical types to the well-tattooed! Scalawags and sea dogs began arriving at dawn, hours before the casting call gates even opened and the line grew around the block at the Waikiki Health Center. Potential pirates, Spaniards, sailors and stand-ins await callbacks sometime in the next month, as costume fittings are reported to begin as early as May for these semi-pro swashbucklers. And the whole scene was repeated again today on Kauai as day two of the PIRATES 4 open casting call continued. Good luck to all ye who tried out! Be sure to jump the story link above to see a photo gallery of applicants.

Jumpin’ Jack Sparrow, anyone? On a casting side note: rumors persist that in addition to rocker Keith Richards‘ return as Jack Sparrow’s father in PIRATES 4,supposedly Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger is being pursued to play an “elder pirate” similar to Richards’ role as Captain Teague. This sounds a little far fetched beyond Jagger simply making a cameo appearance, but FilmEdge will keep a glass on the horizon for updates and confirmation that Mick might actually join Johnny Depp aboard the Black Pearl this summer.

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