Star Wars Celebration V shirt designs: Jet Skis, Scoundrels and Blue Milk

Preview Star Wars Celebration V t-shirt designsThree new Star Wars Celebration V t-shirt designs have been released for preview and pre-ordering by convention ticket holders, getting you geared up for the Orlando fan event this August!

The Boba Fett Celebration V logo design is ready for order now and shirts will begin shipping July 25th in time to wear at the con. Two Boba Fett Jet Ski designs can be pre-ordered now but can only be picked up on-site at the fifth Star Wars Celebration event August 12th-15th in Florida.

We also preview four upcoming EMPIRE STRIKES BACK shirt designs to be sold exclusively at Celebration V, including Han Solo’s face in the I Love Scoundrels design, a label logo advertising Hoth Blue Milk Brewing Company (“purveyors of fine milks to the Rebel Alliance” since 1980, and a womens/mens pair of Leia and Han designs quoting their famous “I Love You… I Know” dialogue from the finale of EMPIRE.

Visit FilmEdge’s STAR WARS hub to see large images of all shirt designs and link up to Celebration V event info and ticket information.


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