Weekend recap: TRON LEGACY viral, CLONE WARS poster, IRON MAN pix

Recapping FilmEdge updates from this busy weekend of movie news:

The TRON LEGACY viral campaign continues quietly this weekend with two updates: fans hacking into ENCOM’s intranet website to read CEO emails found their Group 1 and 3 access have been shut down by ENCOM security.  It was only a matter of time before their hacked password access was detected and security tightened.  But Zack archived all the relevant emails and discussions for future reference — get the link to this archived material in FilmEdge’s TRON LEGACY news article.  Also, FlynnLives forum users uploaded two scanned newspaper articles documenting Sam Flynn’s history of skydiving into ENCOM public and press events, culminating his death-defying jump into the ENCOM press conference at Wondercon last weekend.  Download scans of these news stories and read FilmEdge’s speculation on how Sam’s skydiving skills may be seen in the feature film this December.

Download THE CLONE WARS Zillo Beast poster at FilmEdge.netLucasfilm sent us a bonus poster of the Zillo Beast currently on a rampage in a two-part episode arc of THE CLONE WARS animated series continuing this coming Friday on Cartoon Network. Read our article decoding and studying the creative tributes to Japanese classics like Godzilla and the monster movie genre spanning half the 20th century, and learn how many subtle influences have been peppered throughout the STAR WARS saga. FilmEdge will preview the upcoming all-new episode The Zillo Beast Strikes Back later this week.

New hi-res IRON MAN 2 photos on FilmEdge.netFilmEdge also added three new high-resolution stills to our IRON MAN 2 Photo Gallery as part of our complete site redesign for the film.  Check out the high-res poster and wallpaper downloads, plus read Tony Stark’s invitation letter to Stark Expo 2010 opening May 7th (coincidentally, the same day IRON MAN 2 opens everywhere in theaters).


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