TRON LEGACY Writers Already Starting Sequel Script

News has broken that the two screenwriters of TRON LEGACY, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, have already begun work on writing a sequel adventure to this December’s upcoming 3D film. According to the Heat Vision blog report, it’s too early for details on the story though insiders suggest the scribes are attempting to work the events of TRON LEGACY into a possible trilogy of stories.

Of course we have no clue if TRON LEGACY will be a box office success, but Disney’s move to start their writers on a next film this far in advance implies the studio’s high level of faith in the franchise continues. Director Joseph Kosinski and the cast including Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner have the standard sequel appearance options in their contracts, according to THR’s report, but no returning deals have been inked yet. All story options remain open for the proposed sequel/second act of a trilogy: will a follow-up film continue with the main characters while straddling the real and virtual worlds, or will the next chapter focus on new adventures in the digital world of Tron alone? FilmEdge will continue following developments as they happen.

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