Get your geek on with super-sized ATTACK OF THE SHOW! in April

G4 channel is busting out all over this April with a month-long explosion of Attack of the Show! goodness, starring AOTS irregulars Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, Chris Hardwick, Alison Haislip, Chris Gore and Blair Butler.  Plug into the press release details:

G4's Attack of the Show gets super-sized in April

TONIGHT G4 launches a programming “attack” on the entire month of April, super-sizing each episode of Attack of the Show! with sexy reveals, special guests, costumes, daily giveaways of the hottest tech gadgets, and bigger than life stunts that we hope don’t completely obliterate our studio.

April is Attack of the Show’s! biggest month of the year, and the team has decided to honor it by blowing out each evening’s LIVE show.

There will be robots, there will be comedy by big time TV stars, there will be travel to foreign lands, there will be something very special from Star Wars,there will be sexy magazine cover reveals, there will be free stuff every day!, (iPAD anyone?), there will be Action Figure Exclusives, Gaming PC’s, and stuff will get blown up!!

TUNE IN TONIGHT at 7pm ET/PT and every night this month for all the EPICNESS, and your chance to win big, only on G4. Get more info at:

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