Weekend recap: TRON LEGACY, CLONE WARS and more

While the Southern California earth settles down under our feet, FilmEdge recaps our major updates from this weekend:

TRON LEGACY: FlynnLives.com updated Friday night’s Operation Tron with new photos and two video clips from the event, including Sam Flynn’s death-defying parachute leap from a helicopter over the Wondercon attendees to land backstage at ENCOM’s press conference.  As we reported Friday night, FilmEdge was very glad to see Cindy Morgan back in her role as Lora beside her husband Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), still working together at ENCOM.  This confirms that, despite earlier rumors, the character of Lora Baines is not dead in the TRON LEGACY universe and presumably may appear in future films or storylines.  Don’t forget to read FilmEdge’s exclusive interview with Cindy Morgan from a couple weeks ago, discussing the past and future of TRON, plus her upcoming book on the 30th anniversary of CADDYSHACK and more.

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS: Lucasfilm sent FilmEdge a sneak preview of the Season Two finale in an exciting new trailer which series Supervising Director Dave Filoni premiered for Wondercon fans on Saturday.  For any of you  fans who haven’t been watching this animated series, which has advanced and matured a lot this season, be sure to watch this great new trailer for a taste of that old school STAR WARS you may be missing.


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