TRON LEGACY Wondercon update: Cindy Morgan returns as Lora

FilmEdge couldn’t confirm it from the blurry streaming video feed at last night’s Wondercon fan event, but the TRON LEGACY Facebook profile confirmed it: Cindy Morgan is back in the world of TRON as Lora Baines, appearing at Bruce Boxleitner’s side (as Alan Bradley’s wife) at the ENCOM press conference last night!

Read our updated article on the Wondercon fan event continuing the TRON LEGACY viral campaign including a photo of Cindy Morgan on stage, plus details on fans collecting a new Flynn Lives achievement for their ARG profiles.

Don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with Cindy Morgan herself in which she discusses the past and future of TRON, her upcoming book celebrating the 30th anniversary of CADDYSHACK and much more.


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