TRON LEGACY viral news from Wondercon event

If you were online to watch streaming video from the ENCOM Press Conference at Wondercon tonight, you saw Alan Bradley himself (Bruce Boxleitner) addressing the crowd (largely of disguised Flynn Lives supporters) about ENCOM’s newest products. The apparent major announcement was that a new updated version of the high-tech corporation’s most popular arcade/video game SPACE PARANOIDS will soon debut in an online launch!

We suspect this is both part of the ever-expanding TRON LEGACY viral marketing campaign and a playable stand-alone online browser-based game as well. Attending fans received SPACE PARANOID pins which apparently had no hidden codes or URLs on it, so the pins may just have been the exclusive collectibles advertised in our previous story on the event.

Bradley assured fans that not only the spirit of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) lives on in ENCOM and its products, but Bradley insisted that programmers use Flynn’s original game code for SPACE PARANOIDS in creating this updated hybrid edition for online play. Hmmm, that sure sounds like a big clue in the next round of the viral campaign!

Read our full article including speculation on a failed surprise of this viral fan event, now online at


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