TRON fans infiltrate ENCOM at Wondercon tonight

TRON LEGACY supporters of Kevin Flynn and the Flynn Lives movement are activating fans to join them in Operation Tron, their mission: to infiltrate tonight’s ENCOM press conference being held in conjuction with this weekend’s Wondercon event:

Our movement has crisscrossed the globe from London to Toronto, New York to Sydney, Chicago to Paris – but, our next meet-up is playing out right here in California… and it’s going to be big.

You can’t miss this – we’re facing off with Encom International and taking down their press conference on April 2nd, 8pm, at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. The Flynn Lives pre-meeting will start at 6:30pm at the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom at 5 Embarcadero Center.


Together, we will show the world that video game creator and TRON visionary Kevin Flynn may be gone, but he’s not forgotten.

For more information, go to

Wondercon attendees: make SURE you bring your forged ENCOM ID badges to the Flynn Lives pre-meeting and wear something to cover your Flynn Lives t-shirt. Here’s the strategy for tonight:

Flynn Lives will be amassing at 6:30pm at the Hyatt Regency, in the Grand Ballroom, 5 Embarcadero Center (right next to Justin Herman Plaza).

Wear your Flynn Lives t-shirts (if you do not currently possess a t-shirt, we will be distributing them in the Ballroom)

Gather, march, bide our time, get loud!

After we lay out our strategies in the pre-meeting, we will all head over to the press conference in stealth mode (jackets covering our t-shirts, badges displayed – we’ll look like every other Encom drone). Then, we’ll listen to what Alan Bradley has to say about Encom’s latest product (could be cool – let’s cut him some slack). When the moment is right, we’ll all remove our jackets to reveal that our allegiance lies with Kevin Flynn. That’s when one of our members will take the stage as we chant our mantra in unison: FLYNN LIVES! FLYNN LIVES! FLYNN LIVES!!

FilmEdge encourages fans to download and print these flyers to help spread the word to other Kevin Flynn supporters. Unfortunately FilmEdge can’t attend Wondercon this weekend, but we’ll be tracking news and updates of Flynn Lives activity. To those of you who will be at Wondercon, do your best in representing the spirit of Kevin Flynn that’s still out there waiting to be found.  And feel free to add your experiences at the press conference in our comments section below!

Download Flynn Lives flyers for Wondercon

Download Flynn Lives flyers for Wondercon


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