FilmEdge Review: Crash of the TITANS

Defying the gods and good character development, Louis Leterrier’s CLASH OF THE TITANS remake boasts plenty of computer-generated creatures but little script-generated drama. An episodic series of events following demigod Perseus (Sam Worthington) through the perils of the ancient world hardly result in a tale for the ages.

If all you want are battles with CG monsters and a snake-headed Medusa, you may not clash with what TITANS offers. Otherwise this revision fails to escape the hammy reputation of its original source despite its technological prowess. While Warner Brothers was eager to convert the film into 3D to ride the current fad, the studio should have done the same to the flat script and characters.

CLASH OF THE TITANS is an early start to the mindless mayhem of summer fare and a far cry from the immortals.

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