Breaking: IRON MAN 3, Pixar Goes R-rated, Depp Drops PIRATES 4

FilmEdge has exclusive breaking news on three major film announcements this morning:

Before IRON MAN 2 hits theaters this May, Paramount has already greenlit the script for IRON MAN 3 scheduled to rocket into theaters for Summer 2012. Loosely based on a Samuel Beckett play, the sequel subtitled WAITING FOR MANDARIN takes an existential view on Tony Stark’s growing emotional conflicts as the armored superhero. The dramatically complex script to be penned by Judd Apatow will explore “Stark’s growing ennui with saving the world when all he really wants to do in life is bang the crap out of Pepper Pots.” We can’t give away the biggest spoilers, but when Stark proposes to Pepper and accidentally places one of Mandarin’s rings on her finger, Iron Man must make a fateful choice between love and world peace. Topping the A-list of contenders to play Mandarin include Liev Schrieber, TRUE BLOOD’s Alexander Skarsgård and Russell Brand.

With Pixar veteran Andrew Stanton (FINDING NEMO) venturing into live-action to direct the sci-fi adventure JOHN CARTER OF MARS, the computer animation powerhouse is also expanding its boundaries with a controversial remake: a CG-adaptation of the dark comedy of wine and self-loathing SIDEWAYS, previously seen starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church. Pixar’s John Lasseter said, “Sure Pixar has raised a lot of eyebrows by animating our first R-rated feature, but the generation who grew up with Buzz and Woody are gaining more mature tastes in entertainment.  We want to grow with our audiences so no one is left behind and since Pixar is so close to California wine country, SIDEWAYS seemed like a natural fit for us.” Negotiations continue but expect Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to team up once more with Hanks in Giamatti’s role as Miles the failed novelist, coping with his unresolved divorce and artistic rejection.  Songwriter Randy Newman’s new heart-rending tune “Bottom of the Bottle” has already been recorded and will debut with Pixar’s SIDEWAYS teaser trailer at Comic-Con this July.

Today’s biggest bombshell by far is Disney’s press release that megastar Johnny Depp has backed out of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES to film Tim Burton’s upcoming biopic DICK CHENEY: ‘MERICAN.  The last-minute deal was worked secretly with former Mouse exec Dick Cook and veteran producer Dick Clark when Richard Gere backed out of the role over a conflict in the credit spelling of his first name.  With costume fittings already underway, Disney scrambled to replace Depp who earned billions for the studio with his first three PIRATES blockbusters.  FilmEdge has the exclusive on casting: the new Captain Jack Sparrow will be none other than Jay Baruchel, now seen in the underdog comedy SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE.  Baruchel’s statement through his agent read, “Hey, I guess Disney wanted STRANGER TIDES and now they’re going to get them.  And let’s face it, I’m just too funny to play Dick Cheney.”

FilmEdge will follow all these breaking news stories as they develop through the day.


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