TRON LEGACY Fans Hack into ENCOM System

Today FilmEdge received ENCOM’s official press release announcing Alan Bradley’s introduction of a new ENCOM International product in conjunction with the Wondercon event April 2nd in San Francisco (where actor Bruce Boxleitner will appear to launch a new phase of the TRON LEGACY viral campaign as Bradley).

But that was only the start of revelations in the past 24 hours:

We also learned that the current ENCOM exes have a serious grudge against Alan Bradley too, expressing via emails and memos their envy of his recent front-lines promotion as the face of ENCOM, their attempts to sabotage his advancement in and for the company, and a growing distrust of Alan as associated with the Flynn Lives movement.

Read FilmEdge’s news article to learn how you can hack into ENCOM’s computer system and discover clues to the corporate power struggles hidden behind the company’s high-tech image.


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