FilmEdge has TRON LEGACY ENCOM ID Badge is now sending out ID badges for those TRON LEGACY viral campaign players who completed the Arcade Aid game and registered to infiltrate ENCOM, and FilmEdge received ours today.

FilmEdge gets its ENCOM ID badge for TRON LEGACY

The contents of the package are: a high-tech, hologram-stamped ENCOM ID badge with personal Employee Identification code and Group 7 clearance, and a note from Zack at Arcade Aid who forged your ID badge.  The back of the badge warns it is for authorized use only and that “ENCOM is serious about security.”  Fun stuff since players’ job will be to infiltrate the corporation and find out what ENCOM is hiding behind its global tech success and image.

Get full-size photo previews of the ENCOM ID badge, plus FilmEdge’s speculation on future viral gaming on the ENCOM intrasite and a possible upcoming TRON LEGACY announcement soon by Disney.


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