FilmEdge exclusive interview with TRON star Cindy Morgan

Earlier this week, FilmEdge got the opportunity to talk with actress Cindy Morgan, star of two perennial fan-favorite films, CADDYSHACK and Disney’s TRON.  We enjoyed talking with Cindy about her upcoming book projects, the fan campaigns lobbying for Yori to return in the TRON LEGACY era of the franchise, and speculated on just how that might happen.  Her inviting sense of humor and continued support of her enduring, popular films and their fans prove that Cindy Morgan’s still got plenty of game!

Read FilmEdge’s exclusive interview with Cindy Morgan discussing her book on the 30th anniversary of CADDYSHACK, her experiences filming TRON, and speculation on what the future might hold for her character Yori in TRON LEGACY and beyond.

TRON star Cindy Morgan at Comic-Con 2009

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