New TRON LEGACY Viral Games Launch

New TRON LEGACY viral game Arcade AidThe FlynnLives website launched a new viral game today, testing players’ knowledge of classic arcade and video games with a pictorial puzzle.  Hidden within the retro 2D-as-3D styled cityscape are the names of 56 classic games from the distant and recent past, represented in pictorial form.  Those good at word play and Pictionary should do well guessing the names, though admittedly a few are deliberately tricky while others may literally be taken at face value.

To play: go to the FlynnLives website and visit the Discussion Boards. Open the topicAre You Worthy? and click on the game image in the first post.  You’ll be diected to a new website, Arcade Aid, and presented with the graphic-based game.  Drag your mouse around the city and your cursor will pop-up a game clue number and answer space: type in the name of the classic game represented by the pictograph image, and if you’re correct a green check mark will confirm your choice and update your score count.  Notice the red dots on the inset map will turn green with each correct answer.  You can navigate the game either by mouse sweeps or by clicking on the green dots to move directly to a given clue.

Test your game name memory at Arcade Aid

If you’re a registered member at, be sure to login before playing the game so you can earn badges in this new level of the TRON LEGACY viral campaign.  There are three new badges available to earn: identify 30 game titles correctly and you earn the Serious Contender badge; identify 40 games and you earn the Force to be Reckoned With badge, and you merit the Game Master badge by identifying all 56 game titles on the screen.  As long as you play under your member login account, you can start and stop the game and your progress will be saved.

While you’re playing, note the various buildings referencing ENCOM and a sly reference ‘3-42’, presumably referring to 42 Entertainment, the viral game design company which reportedly designed this campaign to promote TRON LEGACY — and it’s been a blast to play so far!

Once you complete all 56 game entries, you advance to your ‘real’ mission: to infiltrate the ENCOM International website to seek clues on the files locked in their system since Kevin Flynn’s disappearance in 1989, which will eventually led to finding the fate of Flynn himself.  Member players will get to upload their ID photo and information required to create a user badge and gain entrance to ENCOM.

But that’s not all folks: reports a mysterious transmission now broadcasting across the internet.  This colorfully cryptic jumble of program text codes, numbers and seemingly obscure words presumably must be decoded to reveal yet another mission or level for TRON LEGACY viral players to engage.


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