Director Commentary on TRON LEGACY Trailer

Today MTV Movies Blog published brief but insightful commentary on the new TRON LEGACY trailer by the film’s director, Joseph Kosinski, who describes several key moments in the teaser.  Kosinski provides some backstory and details not directly offered in the buzz-generating trailer, though no huge spoilers are given so the article is a relatively safe read.  A couple of facts we learn:

  • Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is very much an adrenaline junkie like his father Kevin
  • Sam is very adept riding his Ducati motorcycle, a skill that will serve him well in the Tron-side gaming grid
  • The Tron world has evolved at a much faster rate than the 28 years since we last saw it, roughly 1000 virtual years of evolution
  • The games have evolved accordingly, with the disc competition playing out in a simultaneous eight-seeded tournament
  • Kosinski explains how creating a realistic Clu 2.0, a younger version of Jeff Bridges, was the film’s central CG-effects challenge

Flip through MTV’s still gallery from the trailer to read Kosinski’s full commentary for more details.


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