TRON Hi-Def premiere on HDNet Wednesday

TRON's Hi-Def debut on HDNet March 3rdThe buzz around TRON LEGACY only gets a boost among cable/sat-subscribing fans as Steven Lisberger’s original 1982 sci-fi landmark TRON premieres in high-definition on HDNet.  Rez up on the gaming grid with Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan as they face off against the corporate greed of ENCOM and the tyrannical MCP system on the other side of the monitor. Co-starring David Warner and Barnard Hughes, TRON heralded the start of the computer graphics revolution in filmmaking and earned the enthusiastic loyalty of a generation of fans.  Check out HDNet’s schedule for showtimes in your local area, but generally TRON will air twice Wednesday night, debuting at 9pm ET/6pm PT and again at 12am ET/9pm PT.

Of course this HD broadcast only underscores the high-definition upgrade TRON has received recently, which leads to its eventual release on hi-def Blu-ray discs — presumably later this year timed with the theatrical release of TRON LEGACY December 17th.  It would make the perfect high-def holiday gift for fans!  Meanwhile, enjoy watching TRON on HDNet tonight — twice!

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