The future of TRON’s extended legacy

Blue Sky Disney put up a blog about the future of Disney’s rebooted TRON franchise, and the network of cross-connected projects and promotions indicate just how heavily (and enthusiastically) the studio has invested in TRON LEGACY and what it may bring.

The studio has already generated great buzz among original TRON fans and newcomers with their dynamic viral campaign, which resulted in a five-city sneak preview of the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer last weekend.  FilmEdge recapped the LA trailer event, and the rest of the planet gets to see it this Friday when ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the studio’s first major 3D tentpole of the year, opens in theaters.

Should Joseph Kosinski’s epic sci-fi sequel light up box offices this December, the obvious next step into the future is a trilogy-creating follow up film . . . or beyond, if Disney turns TRON into a PIRATES-style franchise.  During such a production gap, Blue Sky also reports a TRON computer animation TV series is already in development, perhaps similar to how George Lucas’ THE CLONE WARS is expanding his STAR WARS universe in between his prequel film chapters.

TRON will also become a significant presence in Disney theme parks, as FilmEdge predicted after Joseph Kosinski‘s comments at the LA teaser trailer screening Q&A last Saturday.  TRON LEGACY merchandise will fill up retail shelves, especially in Tomorrowland where Disneyland’s blah-themed Starcade could indeed get that much needed makeover into Flynn’s Arcade for the fitting movie tie-in.  Of course merchandise and characters might well network through the parks.

Blue Sky also reports sketch but promising details about Imagineers developing TRON-based attractions for the Disney parks — perhaps something simple in time for TRON LEGACY‘s December release, but more robust E-ticket concepts are being explored now for a possible 2012 window of installation.

All FilmEdge can recommend is that if you like the sound of these plans and expansions of the Tron-iverse into our reality, be sure to buy your tickets when TRON LEGACY rezzes up in theaters this winter.  Be sure to read Blue Sky Disney’s full blog article for many more details.


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