Prepping to see new TRON LEGACY trailer in IMAX

Fans in New York, Toronto and London are already tweeting and blogging about the new TRON LEGACY trailer being previewed to lucky ticket-winning fans today in a special IMAX screening event.  Overall comments are highly positive about the trailer already.

Los Angeles fans get their chance in about four hours and FilmEdge is quite geeked to see the trailer.  Yes, we’re hearing the two-minute trailer shows only once — and some fans have complained about this — but only a few days ago fans were begging to see a new trailer, so I don’t know what they were expecting.  Apparently you can’t please some people, that’s disappointing.  Besides, everyone gets a free Flynn Lives t-shirt as well, so please explain how a fan can “lose” in this bargain?

Watch for FilmEdge’s updates and full report on the IMAX trailer preview experience later today, here on the blog and at’s continuing coverage of TRON LEGACY.


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