FilmEdge will attend TRON LEGACY IMAX event

It took some quick clicking, but FilmEdge managed to get a ticket to this Saturday’s exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX event in Los Angeles, one of five cities (with New York, London, Toronto and Sydney)hosting this special screening.

Will it be the expected new TRON LEGACY trailer debut (in IMAX 3D no less!), the trailer plus some panel discussion, an added level of the FlynnLives viral campaign for fans to complete, or some other TRON-related event?  We already know that the FlynnLives site awarded a ‘Screen Scene’ badge to friends of the Flynn Lives Facebook profile who scored tickets, so this event is definitely hard-wired into the viral campaign. The page which previously debuted the test footage reel has now been rebuilt and awaits entry of five codes — presumably by fans who may receive those codes at Saturday’s screenings.  Once those five codes are entered, will they unlock the page to deliver the new TRON LEGACY trailer to all fans across the Internet?  That’s our bet, given how Wednesday’s viral scavenger hunt paid off.

Ticket to exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX event this weekend

The Los Angeles screening ‘sold out’ in less than two minutes, and the New York event in about six minutes.  But there’s a question now: did overzealous fans around the globe accidentally order tickets to the LA screening  because they didn’t choose their own local city from the pull-down menu under the Los Angeles venue option?

Granted fans in LA are no less eager to attend this TRON LEGACY event, but it did sell out ridiculously fast — by the time FilmEdge got its ticket to show up in the browser and returned to the PitCell site, Los Angeles was already unavailable.  And we think we got our ticket RIGHT as the site released them, since the graphics for the links hadn’t even finished loading yet when we clicked in.  That is one fast sell out!

For Los Angeles-area fans, there may be some hope if this ‘glitch’ (user inattention, actually) unfairly affected ticket availability: since only fans registered at could reserve tickets, presumably Disney can tell by user account who is and is not in the LA area to attend the event.  Unless fans hop a jet to fly in on Saturday (I wouldn’t put it past some fans), likely those fans could not be in LA for the screening.   If Disney can get a hard number of ‘available’ tickets from such far-flung users, perhaps they could make passes available in that limited amount again?  Just a thought, FilmEdge makes NO guarantees that will happen of if it’s even possible!

FilmEdge hopes this gets worked out to everyone’s satisfaction and as many Los Angeles TRON fans can attend on Saturday as possible.  We’ll see you there and FilmEdge will report on our experience at the TRON LEGACY IMAX event after it concludes.  Watch this blog for a linked article at Saturday afternoon.   Congratulations to everyone who scored tickets — and as of this posting, fans can still reserve tickets in London and Sydney at now!


2 thoughts on “FilmEdge will attend TRON LEGACY IMAX event

  1. Hi, I signed up for the Los Angeles event, and I got a New York ticket instead… I’m guessing cause the Los Angeles event sold out so quickly I accidently got a New York one instead… I heard some people in New York may have gotten a Los Angeles ticket because they went too fast in the process, is there anyway to trade the New York ticket I have for a Los Angeles one, or honor my New York ticket if I show up in Los Angeles and there is room for the event for me and a guest?

  2. Hey David, thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about your ticket mixup and I’ve read many Tweets etc. about complications arising from fans ordering LA tickets by mistake which caused the rapid sell-out. I can’t answer if that’s why you received a New York venue ticket or not. My only suggestion for the moment is to reply to the FlynnLives email you received when registering at the site, in case a Disney rep is monitoring feedback on the account given the ticket situation. Only they can answer your questions with official results… which are the only results that will help you for Saturday. Good luck, and if you get a helpful reply, please share the outcome in case it will help fellow TRON fans.

    Also, if you have a Twitter account, I suggest searching for #tronlegacy and #flynnlives — these are ongoing, updated fan discussions which may offer answers to your questions if other fans have asked the same questions.

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