TRON LEGACY Sends Fans on Gamer Search in 25 Cities

The viral countdown has ended at FlynnLives and fans are being recruited to find a contact in 25 cities around the world to join the TRON LEGACY secret mission.  Here are the details so far:

Join the FlynnLives army of fan operativesAs of 8am Wednesday, only three of the 25 cities have been activated: Chicago, Orlando and Paris. Fans in those cities have been given a .pdf file with a location in their town and a time at which they need to find a FlynnLives contact identified by their shirt of the same name.

Their mission: find that contact, receive a code to enter online at the site and become one of their city’s registered operatives.

Two cities, New York and Los Angeles, have been allotted two contact locations to recruit their fan operatives.

This ‘scevenger hunt’ for a FlynnLives contact activated in the first three cities around 11am ET, though not all cities in the Eastern US time zone have activated yet.  Presumably more cities will activate as the day progresses.

Watch for your city to go online soon and good luck joining the FlynnLives team of fan operatives!  FilmEdge will update the TRON LEGACY viral fan event all day, so stay tuned!

TRON LEGACY mosaic image half-completed by fans


8 thoughts on “TRON LEGACY Sends Fans on Gamer Search in 25 Cities

  1. UPDATE #1: As of 11:45am ET, Chicago and Paris have already filled their roster of 66 fan operatives! When your city activates, you’ll have to move fast to find your local FlynnLives contact if you want to make the team!

  2. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Paris have their fan operatives, with Madrid still seeking its recruit. As of 12:50pm ET, eight operatives have logged in with their codes. If you click on their photos on the grid of 66 spaces, the images flip over — and a patter of a Tron-style program character is emerging from the tiled mosaic.

    FilmEdge’s early guess is this might be the design logo seen on the t-shirt of the FlynnLives contact fans are seeking in their cities, but that’s speculation.

  3. UPDATE: we may have misinterpreted one aspect of the game: players are filling in 66 codes to complete the mosaic image on the FlynnLives website (presumably revealing a teaser poster image). These 66 slots may have NO bearing on how many fan operatives are activated in a given city.

  4. 17 cities have completed their fan drops on the FlynnLives site, but the Madrid drop has now been cancelled. What, there are NO fans of TRON anywhere near Madrid with an internet connection? Perhaps Disney will relocate the operative drop and reschedule, if time allows in the game, we’ll see. That, or presumably they will fill in the missing code(s) to complete the image unveiling.

    With no text evident in the image at all, we’re still guessing it may be a teaser poster… unless it’s an image when becomes a live link to the next level of the campaign. Or both.

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