FlynnLives Site Reveals New Image and IMAX Event

Just a couple minutes ago, the TRON LEGACY viral site had only two missing tiles to the unfolding mosaic image — and just now (apparently), Flynn agents behind the scenes filled in those missing squares to complete the image:

Click to view screen grab of full Tron viral image

Apparently someone on the other side of the screen decided it really wasn’t worth reallocating the two fan drop kits which went unclaimed in Madrid today, and flipped to switch to complete the image.  I believe the missing tiles were # 64 and #35 toward the left side of the image — I couldn’t even get a screen grab of the holes before a refresh at the site filled them in.

Now what does this image mean or depict?

Well, it’s not a new teaser trailer.  Yet.  It’s either a new promotional still from the film or perhaps some base for a teaser poster — FilmEdge is guessing the former option now.  We’re also guessing that this image depicts Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) entering some venue in the Tron world/city — perhaps going to the gaming grid?  The physique doesn’t look like that of Jeff Bridges, and that doesn’t look like Olivia Wilde from this angle!

More importantly, the Bit below the image on the site  links to the new viral website which announces an exclusive limited IMAX event this weekend in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney.  Registered members of will be able to register for tickets to this Saturday’s event by visiting the website at the designated local times (4pm ET/1pmPT).   I hope the servers can handle the traffic, and good luck getting your tickets tomorrow!

FilmEdge is happy to see Day One of this FlynnLives viral campaign go so smoothly and gain such enthusiastic participation from TRON fans.  Except for those in Madrid, apparently.  Stay tuned to and the FilmEdge blog for continuing TRON LEGACY updates — because sleep is so overrated!

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