Almost a TRON LEGACY fan operative

FilmEdge just missed being a TRON LEGACY fan operative in the FlynnLives viral campaign which began this morning.  As the saying goes: close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades.

When the Los Angeles 1 location activated on the Zero Hour website at noon PT, I was stunned that the drop was so close to FilmEdge’s base of operation, less than two miles away. I printed the info sheet and raced to the location, expecting to find another gaming arcade but instead found myself at NoHo Scooters!   Right address, so I went in to find a rather befuddled store owner and another fan.

But hidden in the back of the shop was a small room with four classic arcade consoles and the FlynnLives operative, Agent D, playing an original TRON arcade game.  Sadly, I was not the first to find him as two fans beat us there and were signing their paperwork to begin their mission. Agent D handed off that scrawny little cellphone to the player — I didn’t get his name, as he was rather eager to begin his quest.

The owner said he’d had the TRON game for many years and seemed quite overwhelmed that Disney had picked his scooter shop, not to mention by strangers off the street suddenly barging in asking  “Is a guy wearing a Flynn Lives shirt in your store?”   Another fan arrived while I was there which brought the total I saw to five, all within 15 minutes of the location going live on the site.

Agent D said the first players arrived very shortly after our local Zero Hour, so FilmEdge highly suggests you proceed quickly (and safely!) to your city’s drop spot once it’s announced!

Kudos to the ‘winning’ fans and thanks to Agent D for the brief chat.  FilmEdge continues to follow this breaking TRON LEGACY news all day.

Btw, Madrid fans — where are you?  Your FlynnLives contact still shows your city as available even hours after it was first activated?!   Hey Disney, if Madrid doesn’t want their fan drop, we’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Almost a TRON LEGACY fan operative

  1. I was 30 seconds late to the DC location at ESPN Zone. We did follow the operative until he received the final package. Wonder if there is anything more to the package and the game?

  2. Sorry to hear you missed out too, Nanookz. I’m guessing some of the package are just gifts/prizes for participating, while others may yield more viral campaign/ARG clues in the future. From the photos I’ve seen of the package, that’s a lot of ‘swag’ for a one-off event like today. Time will tell. Thanks for the comment.

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