Final 24 Hours of TRON LEGACY Viral Countdown

As of this blog post, less than 20 hours remain in the TRON LEGACY viral countdown at the FlynnLives website, which puts Zero Hour at 11am ET/8am PT on Wednesday, February 24th.  So what’s the next play in this game on the internet grid?

We know the viral campaign targets these 25 cities around the globe:


As FilmEdge proposed last week, our bet remains that Disney will announce some interactive fan event similar to how Warners promoted THE DARK KNIGHT at Comic-Con a couple years ago.

Next guess: it will likely involve the use of Facebook — either for participating or fan-reporting of the event — since Disney has full embraced the social networking tool in multiple feature film campaigns including next month’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND.   The Mouse created multiple character profiles to cross-pollinate fan participation in ALICE publicity, leading up to last Friday’s live fan event in Hollywood (which treated lucky participants to a full preview screening of  Tim Burton’s film).  Also, Facebook has proven itself an incredibly handy tool for grassroots viral marketing at the fan level, since participants can broadcast live updates, mobile photos and video as it happens.

TRON LEGACY doesn’t have much of a Facebook presence yet by Disney’s own standards, so such an international fan call to action would make a great launch for the title nine months out from its December theatrical release.

Now some pure FilmEdge speculation: it would make sense on multiple levels if such a fan event were related to video gaming, either at the arcade or home platform level . . . this is basic TRON 101, thematically.  Disney has already taken this approach by launching the reappearance of Flynn’s Arcade at Comic-Con last summer: fans who attended the TRON panel received special tokens which admitted them to an off-site exclusive fan event with stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, plus an unveiling of the life-size LightCycle prop from TRON LEGACY.  We know the TRON: EVOLUTION video game isn’t scheduled for release until late this year, so that seems an unlikely tie-in this early.

Fans still clamor for a new trailer and this remains the top contender for Disney’s revelation, with fans in the 25 cities somehow finding/receiving first clues on how to see it in a secret local theater location.  Presumably the timing fits neatly into a theatrical release of a new TRON LEGACY trailer attached to ALICE opening March 5th.   Kicking this prospect up another notch is the possibility such a trailer could be screened in 3D for fans in these cities, giving us our first real look at the film itself (not the 2008 visual effects test reel) on the big screen and in digital 3D format.

We’ll know a lot more by tomorrow morning and FilmEdge will report the news as soon as we get it.


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