Viral site counts down to TRON LEGACY surprise

TRON LEGACY viral countdown in binary formWord spread quickly today that the viral campaign for Disney’s TRON LEGACY kicked into a new gear: select recipients got a package delivery containing a 3D figure of the Bit seen as Kevin Flynn’s digital co-pilot in TRON. But the packaging itself left the next viral clue: /zerohour as seen in the package photo offered by  Add this directory extension to the original viral site unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con last summer and you arrive at a simply animated grid of on-and-off bits.

It didn’t take long to decipher this animation is a countdown clock in binary form: four columns represent (left to right) days, hours, minutes and seconds.  In FilmEdge’s screen grab, the countdown stood at 8 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 17 seconds . . . but until what?  A new character photo, or LightCycle poster or perhaps the long-awaited teaser trailer?  Does the viral message in binary (bit) format offer any clues to what this surprise might be?  Nearly all such releases arrive in digital download format now, so that’s no real insight.  But FilmEdge is guessing this will be a significant item unveiled since new posters and photos have arrived already this year without such viral fanfare as this binary puzzle!

In any case, the countdown implies some TRON LEGACY surprise will be revealed on February 24th at 11am ET/8am PT (if my math is correct), perhaps at the FlynnLives viral site or via a Disney studio press release.  This would seem consistent since Disney has already made dates with the media for ALICE IN WONDERLAND publicity releases each Wednesday. Stay tuned as FilmEdge pursues this mystery in the coming week!

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